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WoW Cataclysm Horde Deepholm 82-83 Leveling Guide

by Ryan Hoven 12/27/2010

The new high-quests is a tool working ofa rt, but sometimes you're lost or just can not find the quest you need to collect to progress. Use the zone map and color-coded reference to the colors of the remaining quests you to find out if you're in the right corner, and if not, then it will point you in the direction of where you should be.

Depths is the third major area quests added in Cataclysm. Unless you are summoned by friends then you will need to get to this area by the through the warlord of command: the quest Underdark. This quest requires level 82, but that should not be a problem since you will be from Vashj 'ir or Mount Hyjal, either of which is more than enough to go from level 80 to 82. If you do happen to have friends willing to call you in the depths, you can access the zone at 81. It 'is not really desirable, as most quests there are at least level 82, but it is convenient if you try get an alt there to pick herbs or mine.If you are looking for cheap wow gold,we can help you to do it easlier.Upon Deepholm reach the first thing you will notice that one of which with other awesome look at the massive area of the Temple of the Earth that dominates the center of the area. This will be a great source of quests and the starting point of your journey through the elemental plane. Your goal in Underdark is to repair the pillar of the world by recovering three fragments so that it can be restored. The lines of research are divided into three lines, each give a piece of the pillar.

The first place you’ll be sent will be the Alliance Airship. You can find it east of the Temple of Earth flying in the air. It patrols north to south and has a bunch of quests that you’ll want to do. It’s important to do all of the quests here because the final quest in this line eventually leads to the Therazane quest chains which yield Therazane reputation. This reputation gets you the only shoulder enchants in the game worth using if you’re not specced into inscription.

You will be sent to theFall of Deathwing Silvermarsh and quests on some easy and common. Do not make comfortable because you will not be here for long. Take note of the quest.Quicksilver flooding. "This quest can be tricky if you do what you do. When you are in the south of death seeps Silvermarsh you'll see a bunch of boxes troggs field. Choose a place will you on your head. When you try to finish the quest Quicksilver Submersion enter you jump in the water and then swim around the tent where the ogres are worker. This will be the beginning of the kinematics that will complete this quest.

You thought that she was ugly before. Once you're done with the quests in the tumultuous Gorsik be sent to you Therazane. Here you have the chance to watch a mini movie and get an idea of what's happening in the elemental plane of earth.At this stage, you're surely friendly with the faction Therazane if it would be a good time to click on their neighborhood nearby and take the jersey. This faction rewards seriously good if your reputation is high enough. Therazane send you south of the Temple of Earth to rally the troops for a war against the cult Twilight.

Return to the Temple of Earth worship is creeping twilight.You need enter the battle and immediately kill 12 followers with rage the earth. After that you will be prompted to kill the high priestess Lorthuna. It killable quickly but if you do did not trust then run behind a pillar where she uses her big load up lots. Once Lorthuna is dead and you've completed the ritual to watch the film as the pillar of the world is repaired. After that, you'll be able to pick up "The Plot Twilight "of examiner and Rowe;Fly Over;Jes'Darksun ca. They send you to the terrace where there are five Twilight final quests for you to complete.

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