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WoW Guide: Hunter Stats

by Ryan Hoven 12/15/2009

Hunters, each of the three available specs require slightly different stats. You've finally completed the long grind to maximum level, and as a level 80 Hunter you feel almost invincible and can hardly wait to start collecting some awesome gear.Besides, if you want to buy wow gold, our website is the best wow gold store you can choose.


Survival- Your first goal is to hit the Haste and Hit caps. Do this as soon as possible as it will affect your DPS greatly. Currently, the Hit cap for a Survival Hunter is 8%, while you will need 522.7 Haste Rating. Once you reach these caps you no longer need to worry about these stats unless you are changing out gear. Agility, Crit, and Attack Power are the next important stats for the Survival Hunter. Agility and Crit work together to make the best use of the talents and maximize your DPS. You will find that most of your Attack Power comes from Agility, however never take a small amount of Agility over a large amount of Attack Power, it's simply not worth it.

Marksman - Hit makes it's appearance at the top of the Marksman Hunte's list as well.Just do it, all the cool kids are. Once Hit cap is reached you any more have to worry about it unless you are swapping in and out new gear.

Beast Mastery - Once more Hit makes the number one stat. Hit affects both you and your pet to hit things, so reach the hit cap as soon as possible. Attack Power is currently very important for the BM Hunter, as it affects the BM's Hunter abilities and their pet's abilities. Agility also provides Attack Power, and Crit, however, not enough to make it better than Attack Power for the BM Hunter. Lastly Critical Strike Rating, while at the end of my list it is not a useless stat. Pick it up whenever you can get it, the more you have the better.

All Hunters should have an interest in Intellect, it definitely is something they should consider looking for as a stat on their gear. The more intellect you have, the more damage you can do. Having enough wow gold will do it easier.

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